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Boehner: "Americans Have Had It with 'Business as Usual' in Congress"

  • November 18, 2009
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Congressman Boehner is fighting to make Congress more open and accountable, and on today he outlined the new Republican transparency initiative – or what he calls “Five Common Sense Steps to Fix a Broken Congress”:
> > Require “all bills to be posted online for a minimum of 72 hours before they are brought to a vote.” [READ MORE] > > Post lawmakers’ committee votes “online within 48 hours so the American people can see how their representatives voted.” [READ MORE] > > Require committees to “post the text of adopted bills online within 24 hours of adoption to end the practice of “phantom amendments” being added to bills secretly after they pass at the committee level.” [READ MORE] > > Ensure that major negotiations on sweeping legislation are open to “the public and subject to a full and honest debate when bills reach the floor.” [READ MORE] > > Allow CSPAN cameras “in the secretive House Rules Committee, the panel that decides which bills and amendments come to a vote.” [READ MORE]
Boehner says Americans “have had it with ‘business as usual’ in Congress,” and are tired of politicians “tucking special-interest provisions into bills behind closed doors, secretly changing bills without a vote, and passing bills no one has read,” and the proposals here would help put those practices to an end. Read Boehner’s full post here and let us know what you think of these proposals in the comments below. READ MORE: