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Boehner Demands Full Account from Obama on Jobs-Killing Federal Rules

  • August 17, 2010
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Congressman Boehner is taking proactive steps to help private employers hire new works and get our economy moving again. This week, National Review says Boehner wrote a letter to President Obama “protesting billions in new federal rules small-businesses are facing” and demanded a full account of nearly 200 pending regulations that will have an enormous impact on American job creators:
>> BOEHNER DEMANDS ANSWERS ON COSTLY NEW FEDERAL REGULATIONS: "Boehner formally requested the President provide Congress with a complete rundown of those rulemakings with a projected economic price tag of $1 billion or more.  'The constant stream of new federal rules being handed down from Washington has created great uncertainty for American small businesses, and it’s one of the reasons our economy is not creating enough jobs,' Boehner said in the letter. 'The Obama Administration owes the American people a full accounting of the degree to which its policies may be negatively impacting job creation in our country.'" (Boehner Demands Accounting of Planned Federal Rules, Human Events, 8/16/10)
Boehner’s letter comes on the heels of new legislation by Rep. Geoff Davis (R-KY) designed to give lawmakers more oversight of unelected bureaucrats and the regulations they plan to impose:
>> BOEHNER, REPUBLICANS BACK MORE OVERSIGHT OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS: "The Regulations from the Executive In Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act would require Congressional approval for major regulatory changes, defined as those that would have an annual economic impact of $100 million or more. 'It's not anti-regulation, but it's about creating more targeted regulation,' Davis said. 'It's about bringing more oversight by Congress.'  ... The REINS Act would subject major rules to closer scrutiny by the House and Senate. … The REINS Act was endorsed last month by House Minority Leader John Boehner of West Chester…" (Davis bill would rein in regulators, Cincinnati Enquirer, 8/15/10)
For the last 19 months, Democrats have written massive, sweeping legislation behind closed doors that’s increased spending (and made taxpayer-funded bailouts permanent), raised taxes, and expanded government. While their policies have already had a devastating impact on the economy, they’re poised to make things even worse:
>> DEMOCRATS’ JOBS-KILLING AGENDA CAUSING CRIPPLING UNCERTAINTY: "The [permanent bailouts] bill signed into law last month sets the stage for drawn-out studies, rulemaking and comment periods. It creates three new regulatory authorities that must be integrated with the existing hodgepodge of financial regulators. Anyone who's seen how Washington deals with mammoth-size bills like this — health reform, for instance — rightly anticipates a long, messy period of sausage-making. For the fizzling economic recovery, the timing hardly could be worse. Coupled with doubts about federal tax policy and weakening public finances at the state and local level, the new legislation puts a drag on spending, hiring and investment. Uncertainty is up, confidence down." (Years and years of Obama regulation would hurt the recovery, Chicago Tribune, 8/16/10)
In addition to his fight to stop the assault on employers by unelected bureaucrats, Congressman Boehner has also laid out a slew of common-sense plans for cutting government spending and helping small businesses create new jobs. His proposals will help wipe out the deficit and get Ohio’s economy back on track. Read more about them here and – if you want to help Boehner’s campaign for reform – join the Boehner Campaigners today. READ MORE: