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Boehner: ObamaCare is fundamentally flawed

  • December 3, 2013
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ObamaCare is more than a web site; it's a disastrous law that's raising costs, causing Americans to lose plans they like, and hurting our economy. That's why Republicans are continuing their push to protect all Americans from it's harmful effects. 

Here's Speaker Boehner with more:

“Republicans continue to stay focused on the economy, and the fact is the American people want us to do everything we can to strengthen the economy so there’ll be more jobs and higher wages available. This week we’ll take further steps to strengthen our economy. “The president’s health care law continues to wreak havoc on American families, small businesses and our economy. And it’s not just a broken website.

“This bill is fundamentally flawed, causing people to lose the doctor of their choice, causing them to lose their health plan. And if that isn’t enough, they’re having to pay much higher prices at the same time. So, House Republicans are going to continue to listen to our constituents, listen to the American people, and try to focus on protecting them from a fundamentally-flawed law.”

Video courtesy of Washington Free Beacon.