Remember This?

Do you remember when President Obama tried to tax middle-class college savings plans in order to pay for more Washington spending?  We do: 

Boehner Op-Ed: For the sake of jobs, lift the ban on exporting U.S. oil

Key Quote: “For example, after decades of decline, Youngstown, Ohio, is experiencing a comeback due to a surge in energy production. … All of this has happened despite the fact that the Obama administration has actually reduced energy production on federal lands. Indeed, that one provision in a 550-page bill has shown how much progress we can make when we encourage innovation as part of an all-of-the-above energy policy. And it sets the stage for what we have to do next.” 
Speaker Boehner Op-Ed in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 

#Cures2015 Hits Home

While America has made remarkable strides in medical research and innovation over the last 15 years, we must do better.

Those of us who have lost a loved one to an incurable disease know this all too well.

So it’s especially frustrating to hear that a tangled mess of approval processes, paperwork, and bureaucracy could be standing in the way of cures for diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, or cancer.

Countering the White House

Key Quote: “Angry at what they saw as the Obama administration’s frequent flouting of congressional authority, House Republicans last year began casting about for a way to fight back. … Despite criticism from congressional Democrats and some legal experts that he is turning a partisan political fight into a legal one, Mr. Boehner is resolute.

Outright Failure

In a speech this week to the Veterans of Foreign Wars, President Obama delivered more lip service to the American people as he avoided addressing his administration’s broken promises to our nation’s veterans, including the hundreds of thousands of disabled veterans who sat on waiting lists for months – even years – just to receive the benefits and compensation they so rightly earned.