During a campaign trip to northeast Ohio today, Vice President Biden was met by “coal miners upset with the Obama administration’s policies on energy,” BuzzFeed reports.  The details: 
“More than 100 coal miners and tea party activists stood on a hill overlooking Biden’s speech holding signs like ‘Biden said 'no more coal in America'’ and ‘Stop the war on coal, fire Obama.’ Mitchell Metzler a miner and Iraq war veteran, said he came to the protest after finishing his midnight shift at the mine. ‘I spent a year in Iraq serving my country, and now they want to take away my job,’ he said. Kevin Hughes, the superintendent at the American Energy Corporation Century Mine in Beallsville, Ohio, which organized the rally of its workers, said the reason they were protesting is simple: President Barack Obama’s regulatory agenda is killing jobs. ‘We want to save our jobs. We want to save this valley,’ he said.”
The citizens of Ohio and other major coal-producing states have cause to be concerned that the Obama administration will squash coal energy and the thousands of jobs that it supports.  After all, Vice President Biden once claimed that coal is more dangerous than a terrorist attack
The Washington Times reported earlier this year on the administration’s war on coal:
“GenOn Energy Inc., the third-largest U.S. independent power producer by market value, last week said it expects to shut about 13 percent of its generating capacity by May 2015, including facilities in Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey, because of environmental regulations. Over the past few years, energy companies have closed or made plans to retire more than 30,000 megawatts of coal-fired generation because of the tougher regulations...
Coal accounts for more than half of the nation’s electricity generation, and 21 states depend on it for more than half of their electricity compared with their use of gas, nuclear and renewable energy sources, according to a report last year in Electric Power Monthly. The top coal-dependent states include eight 2012 battlegrounds or must-win states for Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign: Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, New Mexico and Wisconsin.”
The administration’s war on coal is just another example of Washington Democrats’ failed economic policies that are only driving up energy costs and costing more American jobs.  Congressman Boehner believes we need an "all of the above" energy strategy to create jobs and address high gas prices. That’s why he's leading the fight for the American Energy Initiative, an ongoing effort to expand energy production and stop policies that drive up prices and hurt job growth. Learn more at TeamBoehner.com