Three months ago, President Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline and its tens of thousands of American jobs.  Today President Obama is travelling to Ohio, but don’t expect him to talk about policies that will lower gas prices that have doubled during his time in office.

Because while Congressman Boehner and House Republicans have been focusing on their “all-of-the-above” energy plan, a key Pledge to America small business tax cut and getting the Keystone XL energy pipeline approved, the President and his team remain in full campaign-mode. 

NBC News describes President Obama’s latest speech on gas prices, delivered yesterday at the White House, as more “politics than substance.”  The Washington Post says this latest rhetoric can’t help but “give voters hope in false solutions.”  Meanwhile, a Cleveland Plain Dealer column notes that the president’s Buffett Rule tax hike plan – which does nothing to address our looming debt crisis and nothing to create jobs – will “almost surely come up” in Elyria today.  The Columbus Dispatch calls it “pure political theater.”

Ohioans deserve real solutions from the White House – not more political gimmicks aimed at distracting voters from their failed economic policies.

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