A new report released yesterday from Lt. Governor Mary Taylor shows that many Ohio families and small businesses will face significant health care cost increases as a slew of ObamaCare regulations and tax hikes kick in in 2014.  The Columbus Dispatch reports:

“Ohioans who buy individual insurance policies could see their premiums jump 55 to 85 percent in 2014 when key provisions of the new federal health-care law kick in, according to a new report.


“Rates also are expected to increase for those with employer-sponsored coverage but not nearly as much.


“Lt. Gov. and Department of Insurance Director Mary Taylor today announced the findings of the report commissioned by the state to analyze how the law will impact Ohio consumers, businesses and insurance market.


“The analysis by Milliman Inc. projected that premiums on policies offered through small businesses could increase 5 to 15 percent while the cost of insurance through large employers may jump 3 to 5 percent.


“The increases do not include medical inflation which has been pushing health care costs up about 7 to 8 percent a year.”


Congressman Boehner understands just how devastating ObamaCare’s cost hikes will be to Ohioans struggling in this difficult economy.  That’s why he led the House in January in voting to repeal ObamaCare and defund it in its entirety.  


Washington Democrats continue to block full repeal in the Senate, but John hasn’t given up, and is working to take apart the job-crushing ObamaCare law piece by piece.  If you believe Americans deserve better solutions to actually lower health care costs and protect jobs, become a Boehner Campaigner today!