The owner of a Springfield stamping and machining company is speaking out about President Obama’s economic policies – and specifically ObamaCare – that he says are hurting hard-working Ohioans. 

The Dayton Daily News has the story:

“Businesses need certainty about upcoming costs such as taxes, health care expenses and utility rates, said Springfield business owner Kyle Koehler of K.K. Tool Co. Inc. during a conference call sponsored by the Romney presidential campaign.

Among Koehler’s top concerns is President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which Koehler says may lead employers to drop health care coverage, pay a fine and then settle for “cut-rate government provided health care.”

“‘It’s going to, I believe, it’s going to hurt the average worker, not help them,’ he said. “

Koehler’s comments today follow Friday’s bad jobs report, which Congressman Boehner called the “new normal” under President Obama and Senate Democrats’ watch.

“[T]he American people don’t have to accept the president’s new normal of fewer jobs and higher prices… The House has passed more than 30 jobs bills to expand energy production and approve popular projects like Keystone XL, eliminate excessive federal red tape, repeal laws like ObamaCare that are making it harder for small businesses to hire new workers, and more.”

Read Boehner’s full statement at  As John notes, there are currently more than 30 bipartisan House-passed jobs bills awaiting action in the Democratic-controlled Senate.  And this week the House will act to repeal ObamaCare’s harmful medical device tax – just the latest Boehner-backed effort to fully repeal President Obama’s health care law that is already making it harder for small businesses to hire.

If you agree it’s time for Senate Democrats and President Obama to work with House Republicans to create a better environment for jobs, join Team Boehner today!


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