On the Issues

John is fighting for the freedoms and reforms Ohioans care about most. Whether it is his common-sense plan for creating new jobs and getting our economy moving again; his solution for lowering health care costs for families and small businesses; his “all of the above” energy strategy for reducing energy prices and promoting a healthy environment; or his steadfast commitment to providing our troops the resources they need to defeat al Qaeda, John’s leadership serves our communities well in these critical times.

Below is a brief outline of Boehner’s position on several critical issues. Please contact us or get involved with the “Boehner Campaigners” to learn more.

Discuss the Issues 

As a former small business owner, John has made job creation the top priority of this Congress. John wants to help small businesses – not big government – create new jobs without raising taxes or increasing spending. That's why John and his colleagues outlined A Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs, a blueprint to expand opportunities for all Americans. John's plan would:

John believes we can lower health care costs for families and small businesses without destroying jobs, adding to the deficit, or putting Washington politicians between doctors and patients. That's why John is leading the fight to fully repeal and defund the president's fundamentally-flawed law that's driving up costs, wreaking havoc on small businesses, and forcing people off of plans they like.  

John believes we need an "all of the above" energy strategy to create jobs, lower gas prices, and liberate America from its dependence on foreign oil. That’s why he's leading the fight for the American Energy Initiative, an ongoing effort to expand energy production and stop policies that drive up prices and hurt job growth -- policies like the "cap and trade" national energy tax.

These are difficult times for Ohio families who are dealing with rising prices, high unemployment and a federal government that is more focused on spending, taxing and borrowing than on free-market policies that create new jobs.

John has been a consistent advocate for free markets, fair trade, and lower taxes -- and Buckeye State farmers have responded with their consistent support.

Ohio agriculture is a $68 billion industry, with one in every six Ohioans deriving his or her livelihood from an agriculture-related job. Scores of Ohio’s 73,000 farms lie in the Eighth Congressional District, which is why John’s record and experience on the House Agriculture Committee is so important.

John Boehner is fighting to make sure our armed forces have the resources they need in a timely manner. The last thing soldiers and veterans deserve is for Congress to hold their funding hostage to inside-the-beltway politics. Boehner believes defending America and providing our brave men and women with the tools they need to defeat our terrorist enemies is the most solemn duty of the federal government.

John Boehner believes that the violence on America’s border is out of control, and the federal government isn't doing its job. He believes we need common-sense, step-by-step immigration reforms that start with security our border and enforcing our laws.  

Above all else, John believes the success of our country depends on newcomers obeying the law, assimilating into American society by learning English and embracing our common identity as Americans.

John believes that every child deserves a shot at a high quality education and has authored legislation to back it up.

On his watch as Chairman of the House Education & the Workforce Committee, Congress passed legislation bringing real reform and accountability to our schools. In fact, the No Child Left Behind Act was signed into law at Hamilton High School, a symbol of John’s commitment to improving education for our children.

John has a record of making workers’ retirements more secure – he led a bipartisan group of lawmakers in passing the first overhaul of our nation’s pension laws in more than thirty years: the Pension Protection Act. The Pension Protection Act fixed outdated pension rules that no longer serve the interests of workers and retirees who are counting on their savings to be there when they retire.

John is working to make Congress more open and accountable. He’s led the drive for an aggressive set of reforms that require major bills to be posted online at least three days before a vote, make it easier to cut spending, require legislation to cite its authority in the Constitution, and more.

When Democrats controlled the House from 2006-2010, major pieces of legislation were often forced through Congress without having been read by lawmakers or the public, including the trillion-dollar “stimulus” and the “cap and trade” national energy tax.

After Americans entrusted House Republicans with a Majority in 2010, Boehner led an effort to ensure that major bills be posted online for at least 72 hours before a vote by Congress – that way both Americans and Congress have time to read them and understand their costs and consequences.